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    Growing 5% to 20% a year
    can be difficult to impossible.

    This is understandable considering up to 40%
    of media plans do not match how
    customers want to be communicated with.


    All too often campaigns are based
    on past plans, sector statistics, or
    competitor’s activity.

    An absent customer’s voice means media plans and
    campaigns won’t match their actual buying behaviour;
    a gap of $100,000′s in revenue can easily grow
    as full shopping basket opportunities are missed.


    Asking your customer what they want
    can totally change short
    and long term planning. 

    Statistically driven data directly from your customers
    can lead to rebranding, re-prioritizing, repositioning,
    and revitalizing your plans.


    It’s not unusual for customers to
    identify 10% to 40% better methods
    for capturing their interest and dollars. 

    Reallocating budget and refocusing can revitalize
    priorities without more resources.  Breakthroughs can
    be pursued with reduced risk. And, real sales and profit
    increases can be impacted short and long term.


    EM3′s goal is to identify waste, customer’s needs, and breakthroughs.

    We ask your team about priorities and review past marketing to better 
    your customers and company.


    EM3’s research specialization revolves around one question,
    “how do your customers want to communicate with you?”

    The real value of our work goes beyond tailored research and reporting. We apply proprietary analytical modules to your data and reveal strategic insights and pragmatic breakthroughs.

    Research Modules

    Media Plan Mapping
    + Synopsis

    Lifecycle Modeling
    + Synopsis
    Mediagraphic Analysis
    + Synopsis
    Tailored Investigation
    + Synopsis
    Ecosystem Mapping
    + Synopsis
    More Modules
    + Synopsis

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